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We are sound architects.

TALEA is a sensory branding agency that combines extensive music expertise with proprietary tech products for our clients’ physical spaces. We merge brand design and space experience to deliver tailored music profiles that evoke a brand’s true identity. The result is an atmosphere so individualized it shapes the experience customers have with the brand and defines how they will be remembered.

Simply put… we make really great playlists for your business.

We make your space as Shazam-able as it is Instagram-able.


TALEA delivers of the moment sounds so personalized it feels like you never knew you needed it and it was there all along.

We think about the weirdest shit. How the sun shines in your space at 10 a.m. vs. 3 p.m. The temperature on your thermostat. What happens if John is checking out, Paul is walking in, and Ringo is drumming on the table really loudly. (Wait, where is George?) We think about how music feels in spaces, not just how it’s heard, because we are John, Paul, Ringo, and George.

But get this… we’re also you. And we know that the music playing at the peak of your day has a purpose, just like the tiny plastic things at the end of a shoelace has a purpose (Did you know it’s called an aglet?).

So we live your brand. We dive in. Swim around in it. Backstroke, breaststroke, even attempt the butterfly stroke. Because in order to be tailors, we need to know your style, how you move, and how you want to feel. And then, and only then, can we craft your sound. Your perfect, custom, irreplaceable fit.

A “jazz” playlist is too on the nose. You think you want some kind of cool jazz or, maybe, even some hip-hop. We know you want a dash of jazz, a smear of funk, and to shake it up with a new beat. So we give you Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, and BADBADNOTGOOD? Can I kick it?

(Yes, you can).

Tailored Music Profiles
Personalized sound to evoke your brand’s true identity.

Intuitive Interface
A simplified app. So. Simple. See what’s playing. Like or dislike it. We review. Repeat.

24/7 Support
Tech nerds (who also dig music) always available.

Proprietary Content Delivery Tech
Tested and trusted. We’ll never let you down. And it sounds REALLY good too.

Worry Free Licensing
Licensed for business, so your lawyers don’t freak out.


  • Andrew Wintner
    Founder & CEO Andrew is a sensory branding executive and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. In 2010 he founded The Beat Advisory which was acquired in 2012 and then launched U.S. operations for the U.K based company Musicstyling. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and sensory branding industries in his pocket he launched TALEA in 2019 to create an unparalleled agency offering.
  • Elias Constantopedos
    Chief Product Officer & Partner Elias is a product designer with 15 years experience in a range of creative technology roles within the advertising, music, and entertainment industries. Elias has handled elements of design, development, branding, and marketing for over 30 mobile app and web technologies, for clients including Marvel, Unilever, Chase, Shell, McCann, Sony, Universal and Disney. Elias received his masters at N.Y.U in music technology.
  • Steve Hanson
    Investor & Advisor Steve is a pioneer in the New York dining scene. Before selling his business to Starwood Capital Group in 2007 Hanson revolutionized the restaurant business with his company B.R. Guest featuring iconic New York staples such as Blue Water Grill, Dos Caminos, Isabella and Ruby Foo’s. He was an early adapter of utilizing customer data to drive repeat business and enhance the customer experience.



The Save The Music Foundation thinks Every Kid Deserves Music.

We say, how can we help? From the start we knew that we wanted to embrace giving back to music as a part of our DNA because we still remember the joy of our first recorder concert. So we are going to be annually funding grants with the Save The Music Foundation. These grants include everything a music teacher needs to provide all students with sequential standards based general music instruction focused in active music making and engagement for all students.

Our Sound

Viceroy Santa Monica

The Viceroy brand has always considered their music profiles to be an essential part of their guest experience.  So when we were asked to design the soundtrack for their recently reimagined Santa Monica property, we (literally) dove in head first.

The music profile is super eclectic. Spanning multiple genres and decades, every track was hand selected to compliment the art, design and overall vibe of this beloved icon of the LA beach scene for over 20 years.

Whether you’re lounging poolside or letting your mind drift over a martini, it’s clear: This is the place for slow days and fast company.

And this is the soundtrack…

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